Photo Placement


Photo Placement Information

You ordered a locket and want to know more about your favorite photos and how we add them to your locket. 

How does the photo placement work? 

  • Choose the locket design you want to order.
  • Each locket comes with your favorite photos. (Some lockets, like very tiny one’s DO NOT come with the photo option).
  • Upload the photo(s) right on the order page where it says UPLOAD PHOTOS.
  • Checkout. 

What is the best kind of photos for my locket? 

  • You can upload almost any kind of photo! From your cell phone, computer, a scan of an old favorite photo, professional photos, anything. 
  • Each locket product page also has info on the best orientation for your photo for that locket (i.e., vertical, square, etc.)
  • We do recommend that there is SPACE around the images that are in your photos, and that they cropped at all – unless you want it that way in the frame. Most selfies have the images cut off, but you may like this look in the frame as it is natural looking! See sample below on an image with space all around:



    How do you add my photos to your lockets for a perfect fit?

    • We have created customized templates for EACH locket in our shop. These templates took a lot of trial and error to get them just right. 
    • When we receive your photos digitally, we size them to fit the template for that particular locket. 
    • We may sharpen or add some contrast to your photos to make them even more beautiful. 
    • Once the proof is complete, and you approve the proof, we print the template on Epson high glossy photo paper.
    • We then carefully cut (sometimes we cut a few times as it has to be perfect) and then glue the photo(s) into the locket with special photo glue.
    • We let the locket SET for over 24 hours and check the photos often to be sure they are in securely. 

    Will I get a proof of my photos before you ship?

    • Yes! We always send a proof for approval so you can see what it will look like before we ship your order. One photo revision comes with your purchase, so if you are not happy with your proof, you can send us a new photo(s) or ask for any changes in the current proof. Once you approve the proof, there can be no more changes.

    How long will my locket take to create? 

    • Most locket necklaces take about 2-4 days to create, then add shipping time.
    • Most lockets will ship free (if the order is over $49) first class. You can always upgrade to priority or overnight, which is the shipping time, not our production time.
    • If you need your order RUSHED, please contact us and we will do our best to get it out sooner.

    Can I order my locket without photos and have the recipient add them later? 

    • Yes! Please note you will need to add “mock” photos to proceed to checkout. Notify us that we are not to use these photos as you want the locket sent blank.
    • Once the recipient has decided on the photos they would like, the locket can either be shipped back to us so we can add the photos, or we can email a printable photo proof and they can cut and glue them inside the locket on their own.

    Are my photos waterproof?

    • We recommend taking our jewelry off before bathing or swimming, especially photo lockets as the photos can get ruined.