The Locket Lady

My love of vintage designs combined with storytelling is the inspiration behind Lauren Blythe Designs. Being able to tell a story through design is my passion.

I am the sole designer of Lauren Blythe jewelry. From searching for unique lockets, vintage chains, and unique pendants, to personalizing the lockets for my customers, my love of jewelry shines through each design.

I am a self-taught designer and have been in the jewelry business for over 20 years. I started as a wedding jewelry and accessory designer, with an emphasis on vintage elements that shaped these designs.  After my son was born, I launched Lauren Blythe Designs and love creating jewelry that people can wear everyday and cherish forever.

It is not by accident that I became “The Locket Lady” as my customers call me. It started with a few vintage lockets that were part of my everyday jewelry collection and then customers were asking me to add photos for them. Taking the time to make this happen has been a dream come true because not only does it feed into my love of jewelry, but each locket has a story- that links the past and the present. Hearing these stories is heartwarming, joyous and sometimes sad. Stories are life and it is this life that lives on through my locket designs.

I am so happy you found us and would love to hear your story!